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54gene was founded in 2019 by Dr. Abasi Ene-Obong to address the significant gap in the global genomics market; Nearly 90% of genetic material used in pharmaceutical research is Caucasian. Only 2% is African, despite the fact that Africans and people of African ancestry are more genetically diverse than all other world populations combined. As a result, pharmaceutical research and development is lacking the diverse data that may hold the key to medical discoveries and new healthcare solutions.
Carbon Lighthouse is on a mission to stop climate change by making it easy and profitable for building owners to eliminate carbon emissions caused by wasted energy. The company’s unique approach to Efficiency Production goes deep into buildings to uncover and continuously correct hidden inefficiencies that add up to meaningful financial value and carbon elimination that lasts.
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Copia is on a mission to solve the world's dumbest problem: hunger. We believe that in a world with so much abundance, hunger shouldn't exist. Especially when we waste three times more food than there are hungry mouths to feed. Copia offers the first end-to-end waste reduction solution connecting businesses with excess food to nonprofits in need. With Copia, partnering businesses can schedule on-demand and recurring pickups of their excess food, and Copia's proprietary algorithm matches to donation to a nearby nonprofit. Businesses receive robust data and analytics to track their surplus trends; substantial cash benefits from automated tax deductions; and marketing materials to share their community and environmental impact.
Elevian is a biotech company developing therapeutics that target fundamental mechanisms of aging and restore the body’s natural regenerative capacity.
Enexor BioEnergy’s (“Enexor”) mission is to divert organic and biomass waste from landfills to generate clean, renewable and reliable energy onsite across commercial, industrial, institutional and microgrid sites globally.
Evrnu is a textile innovations company. Evrnu has invented an entirely new kind of engineered fiber called NuCycl with extraordinary performance and environmental advantages, made from discarded clothing. An estimated 92 million tons of textile waste is created annually from the fashion industry. With innovative new thinking and new technologies, we take what is being wasted and transform it into a resource. From the 700 gallons of water it takes to create a single t-shirt to the effort required to spin, weave, dye, print, sew, cut and finish garments, massive amounts of resources go into the creation of clothing and the majority ends up in the landfill. Evrnu is developing the technologies and systems to change this.
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Fairwaves manufactures and sells equipment for open-source telecommunication to serve mobile operators. The company offers indoor, tower-mounted, and rack-mounted base stations as well as two-channel SDR transceivers. It also provides cloud core-based networks for mobile operators as well as support and cloud services and consulting services for electronic design involving its hardware products. In addition, Fairwaves is engaged in the online sale of ready-to-use products, accessories, and DIY products. Its equipment is deployed in Mexico, the Netherlands, and the Island of Mayotte.
The first banking platform that will be owned by its customers, helping serve the planet. Good Money provides best-in-class digital banking and will invest 50% of profits to fund positive social and environmental impact.
kegg is a consumer health company helping women conceive naturally faster and at the same time access to affordable professional fertility guidance. kegg takes advantage of existing med. technology and makes it accessible outside of hospitals. Apart from the fertility market, kegg will (finally) provide women with access to natural contraception.
kWh Analytics is the market leader in risk management for solar energy investments. Customers such as Google (the world's largest corporate investor in renewable energy) and PNC Bank (America's 5th largest bank) rely on software and insurance solutions from kWh Analytics to enhance their investment returns. kWh Analytics is backed by private venture capital and the US Department of Energy.
LOLIWARE is a leading seaweed-based, climate tech company. Our mission is to advance the planet towards a plastic-free, de-carbonized future with products that are Designed to Disappear We exist to combat the massive plastic waste problem with a natural and carbon-negative alternative: seaweed. By using seaweed’s regenerative properties—along with its climate change mitigation and adaptation potential—we can make single-use plastic obsolete once and for all. Through our Double Carbon Delete Initiative™ (DCDI) we can address the adverse effects of climate change by capturing carbon through our responsible seaweed supply chain and replacing plastic products on a large scale to avoid emissions.The LOLIWARE straw is just the beginning of what we can make obsolete by harnessing the regenerative and carbon sequestering power of seaweed. If we're able to replace plastic straws with our technology, what we can do next is limitless.
Long Game offers a turn-key Prize-Linked Savings (PLS) app for banks designed to grow core deposits, cross sell products, increase customer engagement, diversify customer demographic, and increase new accounts. An established leader in PLS, Long Game successfully engages users with a gamified core loop: saving → chances to play → rewards → additional saving.